Cherry Blossom Vendors Donate Food to Salvation Army for ‘Blossoming Hearts’

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing and you have to eat the food while you’re enjoying the party. But there are less fortunate people in our community who cannot enjoy the festivities. That’s were 41NBC steps in with the fifth “Blossoming Hearts” promotion where vendors donate fair food to the Salvation Army.

“It’s a great party and its too bad that they can’t attend,” Jay Rounds with Jake’s Italian Grill said.

41NBC and 12 food vendors at this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival are sharing a piece of the “pinkest party on Earth” with the Salvation army. Beaver Concessions, Jake’s Italian Grill, Angela’s Pizza, Demetri’s Greek Foods, Gillette’s Pizza, B&M Sweetshop, K&R Concessions, Sticky Fingers, the Macon-Bibb Fire Department, Robbeloth Concessions, and Old Style Foods made a donation.

“We think its a great idea, bring a little bit of the Cherry Blossom out to people who can’t make it out to the park and do a little something to give back,” Brian Gillette with Gillette’s Pizza said.

The vendors are donating everything from pizza and elephant ears, to roasted corn and cinnamon rolls. It is a special meal for those who are less fortunate. Jerry England has donated food for the past four years.

“The Lord tells us that when we give and cloth the needy and feed the hungry, that we’re not doing it just for them, we’re doing it for him as well, so we’ve got to give back,” England with Beaver Concessions said.

Even though many of these business owners are from out of state, many say they want to do their part and give back to those in need.

“We go to several states every year traveling to do this and a lot of times this kind of thing never happens,” Rounds said. “Its nice to find a community that does this and bring the festival to those who can’t come to it.”

“We’ve been blessed and its nice to help other people in the community,” Kris Ryan with K&R Concessions said.
Local vendors, like Jeremiah Barnes from Sticky Fingers said it feels great to help people who live in our area.

“Anything we can do just to make somebody smile, it really makes us happy to help the community, especially with us being from here, it makes it a little closer to home,” Barnes said.

And it makes the Cherry Blossom Festival a fun event for everyone.

41NBC added up all of the food donations and it was worth about $3,000. The Salvation Army picked up the fair food on Wednesday and it was dinner that night.

41NBC can’t thank the food vendors enough for their generous donations. They step up every year to help spread the pink festivities to everyone in the community.

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