Cars on the road with no driver

Wall Street didn’t hear much new from the presidential candidates about the economy last night.

Democrat Hillary Clinton said she will grow the American economy by focusing on the middle class and building the largest job-creation program since world war II.

She said she wants to create new clean energy jobs that will also help the environment.

Republican Donald Trump said he would cut taxes “massively” and also criticized current trade deals, saying he would renegotiate them to get better terms or leave them.

Tesla motors says that its electric cars will be the first in the nation to all be fitted with the hardware they need to drive themselves.

The Automaker’s model S, X and forthcoming model 3 sedan will start being outfitted with “The hardware needed for full self-driving capability” at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver.

Stocks climbed higher Wednesday as oil prices rallied to a 15 month high.

The energy companies were the big winner, helping to lift the DOW by 40 points.

The federal trade commission has issued a warning not to buy scary or cool looking contact lenses without a prescription.

These are really popular around Halloween as you can turn your eyes into cat eyes or bloodshot with the lenses.

Well, the FTC says companies without medical licenses have been selling them and they could damage your eyes.

Caramel M&M’s are coming.

It’s the first time the candy has ever been filled with the ingredient.

Mars is clearly hoping the new flavor continues to take off. “it’s a $2.2 billion flavor segment and the fastest growing segment in food right now and CNN says it’s invested 100 million dollars into a new manufacturing facility in Kansas to make the treats.

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