Carolyn Crayton Park entrance getting new design

The hundred-year-old entrance to Carolyn Crayton Park is being restored.

A structure that has welcomed guests to Macon since the late 1800s is now getting a new face.

When Macon hosted the Georgia National Fair back in the 1870s, the park gates were built to serve as a grand entrance. The Head of Genealogy at Washington Memorial Library, Muriel Jackson, says the gates have always served as a sign of the times for Macon-Bibb.

“The buildings were built but, they were over 100 years old,” Jackson explained. “You have things such as building standards and codes now that are different from back then. After watching them take the bricks down and so forth, I’m not surprised. We’ve had buildings like this come down before. For example,  the Long Building, the bricks were turning to powder because they were so old.”

Nearly 20 years after the structure was built, it was burned to the ground in a fire that still remains a mystery. By 1916, the entrance was rebuilt into what many people remember the structure as today. After more than 105 years, the county says the buildings had to come down.

“It’ll never go back to what it was originally,” Jackson said. “It’s just evolving to meet the needs of the current generation.”

According to Bibb County representative Chris Floore, the gatehouses were in such disrepair that they were deemed “unsafe for the public.”

As of now, there is no set design for the new gates or timeline for construction. However, Floore says the county is saving the bricks from the original structure and plans to rebuild using these blocks of history.

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