“Cannabis Chef” Infuses Wine with Medical Marijuana

While controversial, medical marijuana is now legal in 16 states.

There are already a variety of ways medical marijuana patients can ingest that pot.

Some smoke it.

Some choose to eat it in things like cookies or even ice cream.

Now a California chef is taking it to the next level by adding pot to wine.

“I wouldn’t doubt that winemakers have been making this as far back as we know,” says chef Herb Seidel.

Marijuana infused wine and can go by nicknames like “green” or “tree” wine.

Seidel caters private parties in southern california.

He has a medical marijuana card and enjoys teaching other medical marijuana patients how to cook with weed.

His pot recipes are published in magazines and he even has his own set of cooking DVDs.

He says his friends in the wine country are making pot wine.

Online food blog Gourmet Live also reports that winemakers are taking a couple of barrels a year and putting marijuana inside, steeping it.

Winemakers are then pouring pot wine at the end of winemaker dinners and VIP tours, something that is illegal under federal law and would be illegal in the state of California, unless everyone tasting had a medical marijuana card.

Chef Herb doesn’t sell or serve marijuana infused wine, but knows how to make it.

Although cannabis cookies, brownies, and other foods are sold at medical marijuana dispensaries, pot wine is not.

Still some think it should be.

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