Morning Business Report: Chipotle partners with E.L.F. to make vegan makeup

Chipotle burrito chips and salsa

Morning Business Report
March 5, 2021

  • Only about one in eight Americans planned a spring break trip this year

  • The Fed chairman Jerome Powell said inflation is likely to temporarily rise as the economy recovers

  • Interest rates spiked again causing renewed angst

  • Chipotle partners with cosmetics company E.L.F. for vegan and cruelty-free makeup

The spring break season is traditionally the first major travel period of the year—but only about one in eight Americans plans a spring break trip this year. 

Destination analysts say the data suggests that Americans remain wary about traveling amid the Covid pandemic—and that they may prefer to defer their travel plans until the process of vaccinating the populace is more complete.

For those who do plan to travel, the top reason is to relax and escape stress. 


The Fed chairman Jerome Powell said inflation is likely to rise as the economy recovers, but he thinks it will be temporary.

He stood by previous comments that the Fed is far away from raising interest rates. 


Interest rates spiked again causing renewed angst.

The Dow lost 345 points but that was an improvement of the 700 it fell earlier in the day. 

The NASDAQ is now negative for the year. 


The Gap CEO predicts a post-pandemic spending spree.

The retailer plans on opening new Old Navy and Athleta stores.

The CEO says the second half of the year could be very strong. 


This is one of the more unique business partnerships we’ve seen. 

Chipotle is partnering with cosmetics company E.L.F. featuring vegan and cruelty-free makeup.

Products include a 12-color eyeshadow palette inspired by Chipotle ingredients such as rice, guacamole, and salsa. The $16 palette also includes an offer for a free order of chips and salsa from a Chipotle restaurant.

Other products include a make-it-hot lip gloss and an extra guac face sponge set. There’s also an $18 makeup bag resembling a Chipotle brown paper bag.


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