Local business reacts to Mayor Miller’s executive order

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Mayor Lester Miller signed an executive order last week addressing the spread of the coronavirus in Macon.

Brad Evans — manager of Society Garden— says they have been following protocols so it won’t change how they operate.

“It wasn’t really a problem for us,” said Evans. “I was actually proud to see the Mayor stand up and tell the town that he has a plan. We have to get this thing under control somehow. We’re ready for it to be behind us — that’s for sure.”

Mayor Miller says he signed the executive order because the coronavirus numbers in Macon are high.

“People have become too relaxed, and hospitals are overburdened,” said Miller. “Our schools are going back to virtual and something has to be done.”

Mayor Miller says the order won’t expand to other businesses at this point. He’s more concerned with bars and nightclubs. He feels those businesses haven’t taken pandemic restrictions seriously.

“Although they think the Sheriff can’t go out and enforce it if we focus on specific areas he certainly can do his job and make sure he enforces the governor’s order,” said Miller.

Miller says the Sheriff has deputies keeping an eye on businesses to make sure they are following protocols. He said they’ll be enforcing them soon.

“We’re looking for the serious violators we’re looking for people that have absolutely no protocols in place when they go there,” said Miller. “No temperature control, no sanitizer, no one has a mask including employees. And they go way beyond what’s allowed by law for people inside the business.”

Evans says while they don’t have a mask mandate, the staff wears them. They also have someone at the door to control how many people go inside.

“We’ve been trying to keep everything clean trying to keep tables apart and keeping our capacity low is the best thing that we can do,” said Evans.

Evans hopes people will be patient a little longer, and continue following pandemic protocols.

“Vaccines are rolling out, everybody needs to take that vaccine,” said Evans, “and stay inside for a couple more months and let’s see where we are and maybe we can have a spring.”

When the executive order expires

Mayor Miller says the order expires on February 7.

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