Burnout gets upgraded to syndrome, treatable diagnosis

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- Experiencing job burnout is not a new feeling for most people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout got upgraded from a symptom to a syndrome.

WHO says burnout results from chronic workplace stress that goes unmanaged.

The Director of Social Services and Activities Therapy for Coliseum Medical Center, Don Tillman, says it is difficult for someone to recognize when they are becoming burned out.

“If burnout goes untreated, it can be a dangerous condition,” Tillman said.

Burnout can lead to depression, anxiety and anger management issues.

Tillman says burnout can interfere with everyday life. It can cause someone to lose focus, become distracted, change in moods and loss of perspective.

“One of the first symptoms of burnout that I see is a change in the person’s usual emotional state in the work setting,” he said.

The difference between stress and burnout

Tillman says everyone experiences stress. He says that stress can push some people to do better at their job.

Burnout develops after high stress goes unfixed.

“The way to get rid of becoming burned out is by relieving the stress somehow. This can be talking with a professional, finding a hobby, taking time off of work or maintaining a healthy balance,” Tillman said.

He also says insurance pays for treatment if someone meets the criteria for burnout.

If you feel burned out, call your family doctor.

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