BS Report: December 19th

Justin Fields is leaving Georgia. But shouldn’t we ask we he went to Georgia in the first place? I don’t blame Kirby Smart for getting him. It’s his job to get the most talent he can for his football team. But a year ago when Fields signed with Georgia and then turned around and practiced with the team before the Rose Bowl, he knew what he was walking into. Fields knew – a year ago – that he was coming in to compete with a quarterback who was finishing the best freshman season at UGA since Herschel Walker. That’s right. Jake Fromm had the best freshman season of anyone wearing red and black since number 34 back in 1980. Fromm led his team to a one-loss regular season, a Rose Bowl victory and came within an eyelash of winning a national championship. Did Fields really believe he was good enough to unseat Fromm? Maybe Fields is really good – maybe he’ll even turn out to be better than Jake Fromm one day. But that does not mean that he was good enough to push Jake to the bench. I’m not saying this because Jake is from our area. It’s just common sense. Look, Tua Tagvailoa was able to beat out Jalen Hurts at Alabama. He showed when given the chance that he was better. Justin Fields could have done that this season, but he didn’t. Now I will admit that Kirby Smart’s use of Fields was awful. He should have allowed Fields to throw the ball more. He should have gotten more playing time against the teams Georgia was blowing out. Smart should have put Fields in the game at LSU when Fromm was struggling. And Lord knows the last person Smart needed to call on to win the game against Alabama was Justin Fields, who was not a special teams player. It almost makes you feel that Fields might have gotten upset that Smart put him in that situation and now wants to leave. — Why does he need to leave? If Fromm leaves to go to the NFL after the 2019 season, Fields could step in and be the starter in 2020 in Athens. If he has to sit out – and he should – next season, he won’t start for another team until… 2020. So why leave? I don’t believe this mess about him being uncomfortable because of what the former UGA baseball player said earlier in the season in the stands. I think it’s just a way for an attorney to try and get his client his way – and the NCAA might actually go for it. Fields should have simply gone somewhere else if he could not realize how tough it was going to be to beat out Jake Fromm. While Kirby Smart didn’t help matters, Fields is the one who made the mistake. And now, Georgia has to go find a replacement for Fromm. Fields, meanwhile, will try and prove he’s better by playing for someone else – when all along he would have made a bigger statement if he could have done it in Athens if he had just waited his turn. D.J. Shockley did it back in 2005 – after waiting for David Greene to graduate – and Shockley won a SEC championship. It’s a shame Fields couldn’t follow that same script.

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