BS Report: April 3rd

The Atlanta Braves went to Ronald Acuna, a 21 year old who had had less than one year experience in the big leagues and said, “We are ready to give you a guarantee of 100 million dollars over the next eight years. If you don’t pick up two option years we’ll give you another 10 million dollars to make it 100 million dollars guaranteed.” The first eight years 90 million, and then if the other two years are picked up Ronald Acuna will make 124 million dollars. Now imagine if you were a 24 year old kid and someone came to you and said, “Here, here’s a winning lottery ticket for 124 million dollars. We’re going to give this to you.” Well, Ronald Acuna did not turn it down. He said yes.

The Atlanta Braves are being heralded as making a very, very good team friendly deal with a kid who might be a star. Now, we can say that there’s risk involved in everything. There’s a gamble involved because he’s 21. Maybe he turns out to be the next Brad Komminsk, or maybe Joe Charboneau, or maybe even Jason Heyward. We might have given Jason Heyward a 10 year contract back after his first year, and unfortunately he got hit in the face in his second year and he’s never been the same since. Now he’s the most overpaid player in baseball. So, there’s always risk involved in giving a lot of money to a young kid who hasn’t proved a whole lot, but I ask you even since last late April when Ronald Acuna came up, even what we’ve seen the first couple days of this season, do you have any doubt that this kid’s going to be a star? I don’t. I think he’s going to be one of the best players in baseball maybe by the end of this season. He may be that right now. To know the Atlanta Braves got him for a 10 year contract that could average out to be 12.4 million dollars is incredible.

The front office, and the management, the ownership of this team has taken a lot of heat lately because of the lack of activity over the off season. This makes up for it to some extent even though the Braves still need a relief pitcher and should have addressed that over the off season, because this was a great deal. This guy is a star. This kid is a star. He’s the kind that you’re going to put on posters on your kid’s walls and know that that’s a really, really big time MLB player. Acuna is going to be part of this team for the next decade, and we the fans are going to be able to enjoy great baseball with this team having a cornerstone star. The one thing the rebuild needed for the Braves was a superstar. That’s what Ronald Acuna is. Defensively, I said on Monday night watching the game at SunTrust Park, he almost looks bored out there. It’s like, “Oh yeah, I’ll catch that ball. No big deal.” It was a really good running play. We know the swing. We saw the swing on Monday night, how good the swing is. He’s just a superstar player and the Braves are going to be playing a player who could have gotten like 30 million a year in six years 12.4 million per season. That’s what I call a bargain.

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