Bird Lady speaks out: “I got lied to and scammed”

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Carolyn Freeman says she wanted Super Bowl in Houston to be the trip of a lifetime. But for 23 fans it was quite the opposite.

“It just all seemed so perfect and he just was a smooth talker who seemed so credible,” said Freeman.

Fans heard about  the chance to take a bus there for cheap through the Bird Lady. Bird Lady says she found out about the deal from an acquaintance.

“A friend of mine who does bus trips called me and told me he knew somebody who needed somebody in Atlanta to promote it and put their face and name on it,” she continued.

They paid nearly $400 online for transportation, hotel stay and entry to events through out the week.

But when they got to Falcon’s Landing at the dome on Wednesday, the bus was–a no show. A friend of Bird Lady, Jonathan Johnson, says he was supposed to be on that bus.

“Everybody was hysterical because they worked overtime to be able to be off for these days,” Johnson recalled.

Freeman says the promoter is to blame for the mishap and she was a victim of the scam as well. She paid for her own flight which wasn’t a part of the deal and is out $500 after buying shirts for fans going on the trip.

“It’s obvious that I didn’t collect any money. I didn’t plan any events, and I didn’t make any hotel reservations. All I can try to do is get these people down here.”

Johnson said he repeatedly made attempts to reach out to the promoter but got no response. 41NBC tried calling the number as well but didn’t have any luck.

“The money hasn’t been refunded but I’ve tried to contact them and no one’s answered and no one’s returning my phone calls.”

Johnson believes she meant well but should’ve investigated more.

“Maybe she should’ve gotten a lawyer to look into but, as far as anything else her intentions were good,” he added.

As for Freeman, she says she’s just sorry this is happening to fans and hopes she can help them find a way to get their money back.

“He’s ruined that for a lot of people. They may get their money back but they can’t get this experience back.”

Freeman told 41NBC she initially was trying to find a way to get the stranded fans to Houston. Now, she isn’t even sure that they’ll have a place to stay.

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