Big top loading washing machine recal

In the months leading up to America’s big day at the polls, political arguments have been raging on Facebook.

The biggest social network on the planet has said that the 2016 presidential election alone has generated over 5 point 3 billion posts, likes, comments and shares, with nearly 110 million Americans participating in the online debate between January and October this year.

The most talked about topic worldwide on Facebook in 2016 via words and hashtags was the US presidential election.

Samsung announced a formal recall of 2.8 million top-load washing machines, more than a month after the U.S. Government first issued a warning that the machines are unsafe.

The washers can become dangerous when washing bulky items, such as comforters, which can cause the machines to vibrate violently or even burst apart.

Nine of these situations resulted in injuries, including a “broken jaw, injured shoulder.

The stock skid hits 9 days, the worst since 1980.

The Mexican peso is higher after the FBI cleared Hillary Clinton in the latest email.

The October jobs report, while not a disaster, was underwhelming with steady but lackluster job growth.

The S and P 500 fell 3 and a half points.

Money manager T. Rowe Price polled more than a thousand parents earlier this year and found out that 53 percent of them agreed with the following statement: “I try to get everything on my kids’ lists, no matter how much it costs.”

Worse yet, desperation to get the hottest toys has driven a quarter of the survey participants to tap their retirement savings, emergency funds and even payday loans in order to shop.

58 percent of parents admitted that they never stick to their holiday spending budget.

According to Adobe’s holiday shopping prediction, Pokémon sun/moon will be the most sought after gift this season.

And if you’re looking for the best deals, it’s being widely reported that black Friday is dead.

Expect the best deals on thanksgiving, but if you’re looking to buy clothing this holiday season, the best deals are had on the Tuesday before, which is the 22nd.

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