Bibb Sheriff Davis: “Body cameras are something we’re studying.”

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In light of recent incidents across the country involving police, including the killing of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri, many people want more transparency with law enforcement. 

Bibb Sheriff David Davis says installing cameras on each deputy’s uniform is an option they’re studying, while another agency in a neighboring county already has the technology in place. 

A routine day for Gordon Police Chief Mike Hall starts in his office. 

Before he heads out on a call, he always makes sure to have his “muvi” ready to go. 

The “muvi” is a tiny camera Hall requires all of his officers to have when they’re on duty.

“If we get a complaint, I go back and pull the video and watch the video,” Hall said. 

The police department has used the body cameras as a standard part of their uniforms for the last several years. 

Hall says it helps keep everyone on their toes. 

“The cameras are not only used for the police department, it’s also used to protect the citizens here in Gordon,” Hall said. 

Not only does the Gordon Police Department have body cameras issued to all of their police officers when they’re on duty, but they also have these dash cameras that go inside all of the vehicles, making sure officers stay accountable when they’re on the clock. 

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis says about half of his patrol cars have dash cams, and he’s looking to finish all of them soon. 

He adds installing body cameras on deputies’ uniforms could be helpful, but there’s a lot of regulations that have to go into place.

“You have to set the policy of when those cameras are going to be engaged. You also have to set policy as to how the video, the raw video that is taken, where you’re going to keep that,” Davis said. 

“There’s no way we can get them to everybody at once because we’re so large, but it is something that we’re studying,” he said. 

Davis says the bigger issue is public trust. He thinks it’s important to build a relationship with the community. 

“The public needs to have some trust in the law enforcement, the basic trust in the law enforcement,” Davis said. 

Hall agrees, and says a transparent relationship with his community is his biggest priority. 

“Bottom line…I would not want to actually get out and work and do what my police officers do every day without having a body camera on,” Hall said. 

41NBC also reached out to the Warner Robins Police Department to see if they were installing dash or body cams. Chief Brett Evans says it’s something they’re looking into. 

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