Bibb sheriff calling on parents to obey teen curfew

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Keep your kids indoors after dark.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis is sending that message to all parents and guardians, all year round.

According to Davis, state law says kids under 16-years-old aren’t allowed out past midnight.

Parents Sonya Wynes and Alvin Sanford say they enforce that rule with their own kids, but they see a lot of stragglers late at night.

“We normally get off about two in the morning. You see the teens are just pretty much, just roaming the streets,” said Sanford.

“I don’t think they’re abiding by it like they’re supposed to,” said Wynes.

It’s a problem that gets worse in the summer, says Davis. However, he tells 41NBC deputies aren’t necessarily worried about troublemakers. They’re worried who kids will run into late night.

“There’s predators, there’s people who want to do harm, and a child is an easy prey. We’re trying to do it for the protection of the child, moreover than trying to get them for any type of criminal activity,” said Davis.

Mother Rhonda Pryor believes part of the problem is parents are not keeping tabs on their kids.

“Sometimes it’s sad, but it’s left up to the government or the cities to make sure those things happen,” said Pryor.

When a kid is picked up after curfew, Davis says they could end up in the Youth Detention Center if they’re breaking the law or their parent or guardian is notified to pick them up and take charge.

“A lot of times when we do come across children that are young, we have a hard time finding the parents, and there in lies part of the problem as to why they’re out running the street, because the parent is not keeping up with them,” said Davis.

According to Macon-Bibb County’s teen curfew ordinance, on the first offense parents are given a warning. After that, a judge will decide what the punishment is if a teen violates curfew.

Davis says if deputies notice more kids are staying out late this summer, he’ll up patrol and target areas where the violators are roaming.

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