Bibb County Teachers Kickoff New School Year With Convocation

It wasn’t quite a full house, but that’s only because there are more than 3,000 seats inside the Centreplex in Macon.

Teachers and employees of the Bibb County School System spent their Thursday morning inside the Centreplex, listening to motivating and encouraging words from speakers and the superintendent.

Bibb County Superintendent, Dr. Romain Dallemand, informed the group of some of his plans to keep the lines of communications open this school year.

“One of the concerns that I heard from teachers, as well as other staff members, is that the Central Office staff members are not involved enough with what’s taking place at the schools,” Dallemand explains. “So I am taking my weekly cabinet meetings to different schools…so we have two way communication with teachers.”

Dallemand also explained another new initiative, one where he will gather all ‘Teacher of the Year’ winners, and meet with them once a month. He says this will help him stay connected with what is happening in the classrooms, and will keep him connected with the teachers.

American Government teacher Rebecca Morgan, is in her second year of teacher at Rutland High School. She said the words of encouragement really did encourage her.

“I think we’re heading in a good, new direction. We’ve got new leadership, and with everything new comes changes. Those changes may be difficult to adjust to, but I think in the long run, they’ll be for the good and the better of Bibb County,” Morgan says.

A band was also there to help perk up the teachers, and words of inspiration filled the auditorium as Georgia’s Teacher of the Year, Jadun McCarthy addressed the crowd. McCarthy is a product of the Bibb County school system.

“We must unite, and we must all come together.  And we must believe in ourselves, and the potential of our students. Because if we don’t believe in each other and our students, no one else will,” McCarthy said.

School begins on Tuesday, August 9th for Bibb County students.

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