Bibb County Sheriff’s Office urging travelers to drive slowly on wet roads

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Thousands of travelers are hitting wet roads for the holidays. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is asking people to drive cautiously. 

It’s slippery, it’s wet, it’s the reality drivers heading to family for the holidays are facing. 

“I’m from Georgia. I moved to Florida. Now we’re going to see my parents and stuff,” one traveler said. 

Lt. Randy Gonzalez explains these slick roads and heavy traffic don’t mix. 

“Slow down. Driving on wet payment, especially with as much rain as we’ve had here in the last several days,” he said. 

He adds it’s not uncommon to have people speeding up and down the interstate — leading to accidents that are sometimes deadly. 

“Take your time getting to where you’re going. Don’t get rushed to get there. We do want you to get there safely and we want you to get to your families to get there safely,” Gonzalez said. 

In addition to slowing down, Gonzalez wants drivers to avoid pools of water. 

“When you hit these spots of water and you’re going at a fast enough pace, you’re going to hydroplane,” he said. 

Don’t panic if you lose control of your vehicle. 

“Take your foot off the accelator. Don’t slam on the brakes because that’s not going to help you,” Gonzalez said. 

The lieutenant also wants travelers to pay attention and always make sure your fellow driver can see you.

“Even if it’s in the day time, it’s rain, the headlights are supposed to be on,” he said. 

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