Bibb County Schools receive more than $500,000 in grants

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Time travel will soon come to a one Bibb County School, thanks to the Peyton Anderson Foundation.

It created the Teach to Inspire Project and gave more $500,000 to teachers. The project was designed to challenge teachers to create innovative projects for students.

Porter Elementary School was given about $32,000 for 12 projects.

Principal Cami Hamlin said the Superintendent for Bibb County really pushed teachers to be more innovative.

“We are living in a different kind of world. Their brains our different than ours, so as teachers we are trying to adapt to what they need for their future even though the way we went to school was a little different,” Hamlin said. “I think we have really great teachers. We have a great district, but we’re not getting the results that we need, so him kind of promoting innovativeness will help our students become more innovative thinkers.”

Rebecca Irwin decided to apply for a $10,000 maker space. It’s an area designed to tap into student’s creativity using different tools, like a 3D printer.

“The idea behind the maker space is to allow children to not just consume something, but actually be able to produce and create things themselves,” Irwin said.

Jayne Gammons used her $10,000 to build a time portal.

“The idea is to transport students back to ancient civilizations through technology, stem, and art projects as well as field trips.”

Students will travel to different parts of the world to learn about the past.

“We can travel to china and walk the great wall. We can stand at the base of the pyramids. We can tour the Coliseum,” Gammons said.

Students will also go on field trips to Atlanta.

“Research shows that for students that are disadvantaged or in poverty level, that the value of field trips is greatly increased, so we want to take students out of the South Bibb Community,” he said.

Principal Hamlin fully supports the Teach to Inspire Project.

“Thinking about our students growing up or learning in an innovative environment will help them to become better innovators and contributors to our society.”

And the students at porter are grateful.

The foundation approved 112 grants to the following schools:

  • Academy for Classical Education
  • Alexander II Elementary
  • Brookdale Elementary
  • Bruce Elementary
  • Burdell-Hunt Elementary
  • Sonny Carter Elementary
  • Central High
  • Cirrus Elementary
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
  • Hartley Elementary
  • Heard Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Howard Middle
  • Hutchings College and Career Academy
  • Ingram-Pye Elementary
  • Lane Elementary
  • Miller Magnate Middle
  • Northwoods Elementary
  • Porter Elementary
  • Riley Elementary
  • Rutland Middle
  • Rosa Taylor Elementary
  • Skyview Elementary
  • Southwest High
  • Springdale Elementary
  • Union Elementary
  • Veterans Elementary
  • Vineville Academy for the Arts
  • Weaver Middle
  • Westside High
  • Williams Elementary


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