BCSO responds to concerns over arrest video

The arrest took place on June 5th.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— On June 5th a local woman became concerned when she noticed a situation unfolding between a Bibb County Sheriff and a person he was trying to arrest. Selena Reid began filming on her phone but the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says there’s more to the story than what the video tells.

Selena Reid was not available for an interview. She did tell us off camera that she witnessed the situation unfolding and decided to film it. Reid says she was concerned when she saw the deputy punch a man, Jamaal Terryn Smith, on the ground. Colonel Henderson Carswell says the situation began during a traffic stop. Colonel Carswell says the deputy did not break protocol. He said the deputy was trying to gain control of the situation.

“He still has a handcuff on one arm which could become a weapon and the officer even did put in his report that he delivered a couple of strikes, which is permissible in certain circumstances,” Colonel Carswell said. “According to our policy this appears to be one of those circumstances.”

The arrest report says Smith was tased twice and continued resisting both times. Deputies grabbed Smith when he tried to run for a third time. They instructed him to stay down and stop resisting as they tried to gain control and cuff his right hand. The deputy says he delivered two closed fist strikes to Smith’s face when Smith snatched his right arm away with the handcuff on his wrist. Sheriff David Davis says the department is looking into various parts of the incident to see what they could do better.

“Two deputies they took action, he was finally taken into custody and an arrest was effected so we’re looking into all of that,” Sheriff Davis said.

Colonel Carswell says a ‘Use of Force’ report will be filed.

The deputies captain, major, and chief will then review the report, along with Colonel Carswell. He says they will decide if trainings or corrections need to be made. If Smith or someone else on his behalf wants to file a complaint, they can do so through the Sheriff’s Office. He says in this circumstance, an outside agency would not investigate the incident.

“When we see a video and things like that we look into them ourselves along with the use of force report to see and make sure our policy and laws are being followed,” Colonel Carswell said.

We did request body camera footage of the incident through an open records request. At this time our request is denied because the case is still open.

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