BCSD trying to prevent bullying in schools and on social media

There's a bullying prevention line, and an online form called 'Let's Talk' to submit concerns.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— Social media changed how we communicate. With the click of a button, we can talk to people we haven’t seen in years. It can be addicting for adults. But for children, it can hurt their development.

Bruce Conn, a licensed Therapist at Piedmont Macon, says the artificial world causes confusion for children.

“Younger folks are feeling very confused, very bored, unattached. They don’t understand life and they just don’t have that consistency of a real experience with other people,” said Conn.

Ashley Paul is a school counselor at Alexander II Magnet School. She says social media creates instant access to one another like never before. Paul says if bullying is happening at school, it can follow them home now too.

“They’re able to go and either send their peers messages or form groups on social media so they can further the bullying from place to place,” said Paul.

According to Conn, your child might be a victim of bullying if they act irritable, withdrawn, or seeming more isolated. He says parents should encourage a balanced life for their children.

“You want to encourage them to spend time with friends but that doesn’t mean this social media app world spending time with friends we need to balance that study time, play time, family time. Lets have some balance all those things so to do that you’re going to have to limit time with the screens,” said Conn.

Paul says the Bibb County School District has several programs to prevent bullying. There’s a bullying prevention line, and an online form called ‘Let’s Talk’ to submit concerns. She says parents should monitor their child’s social media activity. If there’s an issue, report it.

“It doesn’t matter the time of day, or when it happens, or even if it happened a week ago. Please report it, it’s never too late to report it,” said Paul.

Paul feels elementary aged kids are too young for social media. She says once they’re introduced to it thought, show them what’s appropriate and inappropriate for those sites.

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