Bass Pro Shops interested in buying Cabela’s

Bass Pro Shops is leading a team that is in the lead to buy fellow outdoor sports retailer Cabela’s as soon as today.

The deal would unite two of the country’s largest hunting and fishing retailers and likely face antitrust scrutiny.

The exact price of the deal isn’t known, but Reuters reports it could be 4 billion dollars.

Starting Wednesday, J.C. Penney says it will be offering refunds to shoppers who purchased certain towels and a comforter sets.

Penney’s and other retailers were found to have been unintentionally selling knockoff Egyptian cotton products.

Penney’s has since pulled the products from shelves.

Stocks completely shrugged off worries about Deutsche Bank, the latest bank in crisis and closed higher.

Tech stocks had an unbelievable quarter, sending the NASDAQ up a blistering 10 percent in the past three months.

A jury says Costco should pay 5 and a half million dollars for selling fake Tiffany rings.

The $5.5 million represents the amount of profit Costco made from the sale of the rings although Costco argued it was much less than that.

Evidence showed Costco employees were aware of customer confusion but did nothing to remedy it.

Starbucks is testing an entirely new way to bring you your coffee.

The company is testing curbside pickup at a store in  Washington, meaning baristas will bring coffee and food orders right to customers’ cars.

Customers must use the Starbucks mobile app to order and pay.

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