B.S. Report: Not excited about Atlanta Falcons football

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Falcons start this weekend. Did you even realize that? The Falcons start this weekend when they host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Georgia Dome.

Please contain your excitement.

For some reason, this team has lost its excitement. I hope I’ll be excited once Sunday morning rolls around and I take off for Atlanta, but I doubt it. The last three seasons have been kind of “blah”. They’ve had three straight non-winning seasons after going to the NFC Championship game. You’re supposed to take the next step from that, but instead the Falcons have gone backwards.

This year we’ve been asked to believe the new center, Alex Mack, will protect quarterback Matt Ryan and get him back on track. We’ve been asked to believe the Falcons will be better under the second year of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, even though the offense looked bad in the preseason.

Shanahan, by the way, is a joke. He came in a year ago and expected Ryan to adjust to him and his philosophies, instead of it being the other way around. Let’s see if they can turn it around, or Shanahan will be out.

Defensively, head coach Dan Quinn has shifted more people around than a Thanksgiving Day dinner table. Linebackers playing on the defensive line and defensive linemen playing linebacker. It’s like they are playing musical chairs. Maybe they will be better. Maybe the defense can win a game or two.

But how about the news on Tuesday that the Falcons have the oldest roster in the NFL? Are we supposed to believe that’s a recipe for success? I’m skeptical. I have to see some things to believe it, like an improved offensive line, like a quarterback who once again does what he does best. I want to see some stability on defense, and wouldn’t it be nice to see Vic Beasley step up and live up to his potential?

We’ve heard excuses the last few years from this franchise. That has gotten old. Just win. We know you’ve got a new stadium next year. We know you want people to pay for the new, expensive seats.

But, hey – Falcons – give us something good to watch. Give us a winning team for the first time in four years. Give us something to be interested in, before we simply lose interest period.

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