The B.S. Report: New era begins for Georgia Bulldogs football

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Tuesday I was in my hometown of Waycross – down in Southeast Georgia.

Someone told me a story about a running back for Ware County for last year by the name of Dedrick Mills. The folks in Northside will remember Mills, as he ran all over the Eagles in the playoffs last year. Mills got offers from almost every school in the SEC and ACC except for one. For whatever reason, the University of Georgia – notably the former head coach Mark Richt – did not want Mills.

So Mills, who wanted to go to an in-state school, instead picked Georgia Tech. Mills did so well in August that head coach Paul Johnson named him as the starter at B-Back for the Yellow Jackets when they open the season this Saturday morning in Dublin against Boston College. Mills wasn’t even good enough for Georgia to look at, but he is good enough to start as a true freshman for Georgia Tech?

This story is yet another reason to understand and appreciate why Saturday will be a huge day for the Georgia Bulldogs. They will take the field for a regular season game without Mark Richt.

The sun will come up. The world will still spin.  And everything will be just fine.

It was past time for him to go. Richt’s teams won games, but not championships. Winning programs are nice, like rainbows and lollipops, but college football fans want championship programs.

Winning 10 games means nothing if you don’t win even a division title. Richt was protected because he was a nice man. He should have been fired years ago – like maybe after his team lost to UCF six years ago. But every time someone – like me – would talk about Richt needing to go, someone else would bring up how nice a man he was.

Now, I’m not saying I want Charles Manson to coach Georgia, but football is not about being nice. Is Nick Saban nice? Nope. Do Alabama fans care if Saban’s nice or not? Nope.

Now, one of Saban’s protégé’s – Kirby Smart – takes over. He’s from Georgia – He played at Georgia – He loves Georgia. Who knows if he’ll be better overall than Richt, but right now that doesn’t matter. Patience is required, since Smart inherited a program full of recruiting championships but also full of players who needed to be developed. It won’t happen this year, as Smart’s lines of scrimmage need more talent.

But this change looks perfect so far. Smart has brought in a refreshed attitude – that was needed after years of the same ole, same ole. Forget about the nice guy roaming the sidelines with no expression. Someone is now going to light a fire under this program, which was desperately needed.

We’ll have to wait a few years to see if Smart was the right replacement, but we know right now the decision to fire Richt was the right call. And now that the angst is over about that, it’s time for football.

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