The B.S. Report: Hold off on starting high school football in Georgia

I have hosted a high school football highlight show on 41NBC, The End Zone, for the last 13 years. I have hosted it for five other years on TV stations, around the state of Georgia.

I love high school football, like we all do here in the state of Georgia, but I’m going to ask some questions that I think some people are afraid to really say out loud.

And the main question is, do we really need to play high school football here in the state of Georgia in 2020 with a pandemic going on and the numbers continuing to spiral out of control?

Now, again, I want football to happen. It’s going to be awful on Friday nights if we did not have it, but you have to think about the safety of the citizens.

First of all, I don’t know how people would go to the games.

Evidently, the Georgia High School Association would leave that up to the individual cities and governments and school systems, whether or not to allow fans to go to games.

I don’t know why any family would want to go to any game in any sport right now, to be honest with you, but some might, no matter what. Some may think you could social distance from other fans and still go, but that seems to be difficult to me in my mind.

But this is about player safety.

This is about the fact that players are going to have contact with each other and get really close to each other in the face, and the pellets that are going to come out of their mouth could infect their teammates or the opponent.

I just don’t know how it wouldn’t happen. We’re not going to have the testing in high school athletics like we’re having in college football.

I think college football will be played, perhaps delayed, because of this. NFL will be played, no matter what, because of this.

But while it would be a financial hit on high schools to not have football, and on athletic programs, nothing like in college and nothing like the NFL.

So why are we playing football?

Think about this. If an asymptomatic athlete, a football player, goes back to his team, and he innocently gets the virus while taking every precaution, just like Freddy Freeman. Remember he took every precaution, didn’t go anywhere, and all of a sudden he got the virus. But if a high school football player gets the virus, is asymptomatic, goes back to his team is around his whole teammates, and all of a sudden does a test and tests positive, and we find out that he’s had it for a while, but because they weren’t testing that frequently, how long do we know that he’s had it? And it gives it to the rest of his teammates or his coaches who may be older, then what happens?

And what happens at that player goes back home? Now we’ve all heard that young people do not transmit the virus as easily as adults do between each other. But what’s the cut-off for that? It may be so incorrect that a nine or 10-year-old does not give it to an older person as easily as an adult does. But what about a 17 or 18-year-old?

What happens if an 18-year-old senior player gets the virus, is around his team, gives it to his team, and then it goes back home and gives it to his adult parent of course, or his grandparents who may be older, and they get sick, and God forbid die?

What happens then? Is the liability going to be on the Georgia High School Association, or on the city government, or on the school system?

There’s gotta be a liability there. What’s going to happen then?

We don’t want that to happen, but you have to ask these questions.

And what about these players getting right in their faces?

There was one coach that was quoted as saying on a conference call, not for high school, but a college coach. It’s time to swap spit and see what happens. That just doesn’t seem logical.

And I think while they put it all for two weeks, they need to put it off more.

They need to hold off on starting the season, maybe until October.

And if they go into January, who cares?

But I just don’t know, with the numbers escalating every day, if it’s smart to play high school football.

And the question I keep asking myself is– if they canceled spring sports because the Coronavirus was starting, why with the numbers getting out of control every day here in the state of Georgia, are we planning to play football now?

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