The B.S. Report: Who should the Georgia Bulldogs play at quarterback?

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – We are all so bogged down in the question – “Who will start for Georgia next Saturday against North Carolina?”

For a talk show host like me, it’s a great topic. We’ve had something to chew on all month. But I think there is a better question. Instead, should it be, “Who will get the most snaps at quarterback for Georgia next Saturday against North Carolina?”

Maybe Georgia shouldn’t start freshman Jacob Eason. Maybe it IS too much for a freshman to run out there for the first snap of the season. But we know he’s going to play. We know – or at least we think – Eason will take over the job at some point early on. So if the Georgia coaches plan to get Eason into the game at some point, even if he doesn’t start, Eason might wind up playing better than the starter – either Greyson Lambert or Brice Ramsey – and get the majority of snaps.

Let’s take this scenario: Lambert starts, and then the coaches put Eason in sometime during the second quarter. Then Eason does well. You think they’re going to take Eason out? There would be a riot.

And how about this scenario: What IF Lambert started, they kept him in there and Georgia fell behind by 10 or so in the third quarter? Now with his weak arm, there’s no way Lambert could be kept in the game. The coaches would have to go to Eason then to throw the ball downfield a bit.

Here’s the point. There is so much discussion about who will start the game for Georgia, but doesn’t it matter more about who might FINISH the game at quarterback? Eason is a great talent, and the expectation is the job will be his sometime in September. There’s logic in not wanting him to have the very first snap of the season; to allow a more experienced player like Lambert to have that responsibility.

But football is about talent – talent helps you win games. Georgia’s going to need Eason to have experience before the big game of the season October 1st against Tennessee. And chances are that experience will start next Saturday against the Tar Heels. So let’s not get lost in who will start for the Bulldogs, but who might be out there when the game may be on the line in the fourth quarter.

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