The B.S. Report: Falcons or soccer?

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The NFL Draft is Thursday. It’s usually one of the best sporting events of the year. I love the draft, but not this year.

You see, I have a bad attitude about what happened almost three months ago – the Super Bowl. Remember that? The Falcons had a 25-point lead and blew it. Now, I know I should be an adult and stop whining like a little kid, but I can’t. 25 points.

You have to be a longtime Falcons fan to understand my frustration. I see interviews with head coach Dan Quinn or the general manager Thomas Dimitroff online and I’d rather watch a political debate. I just don’t want to hear about how they stayed aggressive and don’t have any regrets. Thanks, I appreciate that. Great. We suffered through the worst Super Bowl in history. You get paid a lot of money and just move on.

And I’m not alone. Others are having issues too getting past this. Losing the Super Bowl, in the way the Falcons lost the Super Bowl, was just the Falcons way of how things have been done with this franchise. And so I’m supposed to wipe all of this away and hope the Falcons don’t mess up the draft the next few nights. Well, maybe they can have a third straight good draft, but I’m worried.

I’m worried they’ll Falcon this up, if you know what I mean. The Falcons have a good roster, but they still need help. They need more help on the lines of scrimmage – another pass rusher to compliment Vic Beasley would help, and they must get a new offensive guard with the retirement of Chris Chester. So, they need help. I’m afraid they’re going to think they are so good they may panic and give up a bunch of draft picks for one big player. That’s a gamble. That’s something the Falcons would do. But they just need to let the draft come to them and take the best player available.

But, will I watch? Will I care? This is the Falcons’ chance to get my attention back and get my mind off them messing up the Super Bowl. Ugh, 25 points. I need therapy for this, and I’m using this segment to get better. I hope you’re over the Super Bowl by now. Maybe the NFL Draft will help me get past it. Or maybe they’ll do something to make me so disinterested I’ll become a soccer fan.

Yes, that’s how bad the Falcons losing the Super Bowl was for me – I’m thinking about becoming a soccer fan. Lord, help me!

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