The B.S. Report: Braves at the trade deadline

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Braves are set to begin the second part of the baseball season on Friday.

They’ll host the Arizona Diamondbacks to start a tough stretch. They’ll have six games with Arizona the next two weeks, along with four against the Dodgers and then three against the World Champion Cubs. The biggest thing to watch in the next two weeks will be the rumors before the July 31st trade deadline. Will the Braves go after someone to help them win – to possibly get closer in the wild card race? Or will they continue the rebuilding process and trade veterans for younger players? Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Let’s hope they trade Jaime Garcia, maybe even Julio Teheran, Jim Johnson, Brandon Phillips, Matt Adams and maybe even Nick Markakis for younger talent. Sure, they’ll take a hit a bit in the second half. But the fans want to see the kids. The fans want to see more young pitchers like Sean Newcomb, who made six starts before the All-Star Break. The fans want to see Ozzie Albies, a 20-year-old second baseman in Triple-A who has hit .333 in his last 30 games in Gwinnett. The fans want to see more of Johan Camargo, who has opened eyes in the last few weeks as manager Brian Snitker has gotten him playing time. The fans are smart enough to know there is progress being made, that the Braves are getting better. But the future of this Braves team is not Phillips or Adams or Garcia. The future is the young players in Atlanta now and the ones still in the minor leagues.

Okay, I keep on saying the fans want this. Well, I want this. I want the Braves to keep on getting young talent in exchange for these veterans. Some of these shouldn’t be difficult. Garcia is a free agent after the year, so the Braves need to get something for him while they can. Adams shouldn’t be hard to deal. Yes, he helped the team stay afloat when Freddie Freeman was out. Freeman is back now, and he needs to go back to first base.

We need to see Camargo and Rio Ruiz play third base. Phillips might be hard to trade since no contender needs a second baseman, but the Braves said earlier this season that Phillips would not block Albies. Let’s hope they still believe that. We need to see Albies – and soon.

Teheran will be the interesting piece. He has been great on the road, but Teheran has been horrible at SunTrust Park. Well, how can the Braves keep him if he can’t pitch well at the new home park? They need to explore trading Teheran.

The Braves have the best farm system in baseball already, so they have a chance to make it even better by trading some of these veterans. And if the record suffers a bit in the second part of the season – who cares? There has already been great progress this year, and we need to see more of the future. The Braves are getting better. They are turning into a more competitive team, and the next thing will be for them to turn into a winner.

But first, they must shed the roster of veterans who won’t even likely be around when they become good. They need an active July on the trade market, and the Braves need to remember the process is more important than any silly, worthless playoff run.

It’s all about the future, and let’s hope they keep that in mind as we get closer to July 31st.

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