The B.S. Report: Braves off to a fast start

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Braves have gotten off to a good start, which is very important for a team in a rebuilding process. Baby steps are sometimes the most important things to take when a team is going through this, and even starting the season with a non-losing record can be important.

It’s also great that Dansby Swanson has had a good start. The Braves need him to be better this year. Swanson may not be the Derek Jeter-type player many projected when he came over from the Diamondbacks, but we’ll take a Jeff Blauser-type player any day of the week.

Ozzie Albies has looked great, with four home runs already and showing a great glove at second base.

In a few days, the Braves will likely add the best prospect in baseball to the roster, when Ronald Acuna will join the team. That could be another jolt of energy injected into the Braves, as every one of the players know exactly how good Acuna may be – even this year.

But here is a point of caution… if the Braves are going to be a club trying to get to .500, this may be the most frustrating season you will ever watch.

Think about it. If a team is bad, like the Braves were the last three years, you know and expect them to be bad. And if a team is good, like the Braves were in the 1990s, you knew they were going to be good. It’s that in-between team that can drive you crazy. The Braves got off to a 6-3 start, and then they lost the first two games of the series in Washington. We may see a lot of good weeks, followed by bad weeks.

The good weeks may make us believe they are going to turn the corner and take off, and then we’ll be brought back down to earth by a bad week. That is what a mediocre team can do – show you good and bad weeks but never get the consistency to go either way.

We’re going to enjoy this season more because of the young kids – like Albies and Acuna and many more young pitchers – who we’ll be able to watch. But every time the Braves look like they’re going to take off, remember this is still a team in transition.

Maybe they can take off – like the Twins did last year – and have that winning season. It’s just that sometimes getting over that hump can be painful. It is not always a smooth trip to the .500 mark. That’s why – once again – we must have patience… not only in the players but the entire team as well.

They’ve already showed they are better this year – with better at bats, better fundamentals, better defense. But to get the team to be a winning team, there could be a lot of back-and-forth before they finally become the team we’ve been waiting for.

So, enjoy the new, young players, but remember the see-saw season we may be facing. If it’s what is necessary to get this team back to the top, it’ll be well worth it.

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