The B.S. Report: Who is to blame for Georgia’s loss to Vanderbilt?

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Yes, Georgia losing to Vanderbilt was awful.

I know.

If you are a Georgia fan, you want blood this week. You can’t believe your team lost on homecoming  to Vandy. So what do you really want to do – fire coach Kirby Smart after seven games? Is that the solution? No, it’s not. There are no excuses for losing to Vanderbilt. None. But let’s allow this game to simply show us what is wrong in Athens.

First, yes, Kirby Smart needs to get better. This is on him now, so he’s got to fix this mess. And make no mistake about it, this is a mess. It has hit the fan in Athens. Believe me, when you lose to Vanderbilt, it’s hit the fan. Smart is in his first year, but he’s got to expect more of his coaches, particularly offensive coordinator Jim Cheney and special teams coach Shane Beamer. It’s hard for me to completely throw Cheney under the bus because it must be difficult for him as a coordinator to get more points on the board when he has a freshman quarterback, a pathetic group of receivers and an offensive line that can only be termed as being awful.

And that’s the other problem here – talent, or more specifically a lack of talent. The belief is this program has had great recruiting classes for years, so how can it be so bad? Well, the fact is those recruiting classes were not good enough. Look at the nine parts of a team – the quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, the secondary and special teams. How many of those nine parts of this team do you feel are good? Maybe the quarterback, although he’s young. I feel good about the running backs, the tight ends and the defensive line. But that’s it. And when you can only feel good about half the parts of a football team, you have serious issues.

This fan base has been hood-winked for years in believing there was enough talent to win championships in Athens. Well, that was a bold-faced lie. There is not enough talent to win a championship. But, you say, they won 10 games last year. Yes, they did. But only two of those wins were against winning teams, and one of those two was Georgia Southern, who Georgia had to beat in overtime.

There are issues that will take time to fix. It makes them nowhere near ready to compete for a title, and not even good enough to beat Vanderbilt.

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