B.S. Report: What to do with Bartolo Colon?

Macon, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In two weeks, Bartolo Colon turns 44 years old.

He’s been pitching so poorly some Braves fans might not want him to reach his 45th birthday. One of his latest performances was an embarrassing first inning last Tuesday night when he gave up five runs in the first inning and eight runs overall in a loss to Houston. Colon’s ERA is now 7.22 – which is awful.

But here’s the thing… who cares?

You might say, “Well, I do. I’m sick of watching that old and fat pitcher be awful every five days.” I understand that, but again… who cares. Remember, Colon was not signed by Atlanta to pitch a World Series game. They didn’t bring him in to help win the division. The Braves signed this old pitcher, who is obviously running low on his batteries to save his career, to simply buy a little more time for the young pitching prospects who are almost ready for the big leagues.

The Braves knew they had several pitchers – like five – who are candidates to join the Atlanta rotation between late 2017 and next season. So, they signed Colon and R.A. Dickey, who is 42, and traded for Jaime Garcia, a 30-year-old in the last year of his contract. These guys are short-timers, who are here for only this year. Only Dickey could be back next year, as there is an option for his contract for next season. But don’t bet on it.

These old guys need to continue doing what they are doing – even if it means not helping the Braves win – as long as we can take it. In other words, we have to be patient and let those prospects develop a little bit longer. We don’t want the Braves to lose, but if it means the young pitchers can finish their development, who cares.

This team was never going to win the World Series. It is year three of the rebuilding process. The last time the Braves did this, it took into the sixth season before they won. The Cubs just went through this. They won the World Series last October in year five of their rebuilding process.

Teams don’t win the World Series three years into a rebuild, so this is simply a bridge year – to get the Braves from a losing team to a winning team – and that might take into next year. The last thing a team wants to do in a rebuilding process is to rush its players, to get them to Atlanta before they are ready. Some could say Matt Wisler and Aaron Blair might have been rushed, or at least perhaps just needed a bit more development. They were both highly-rated prospects who have failed. Do we want that to happen to these kids who are needed to help get the Braves back on track? No, let them develop.

We’re going to probably see Lucas Sims or Sean Newcomb or Patrick Weigel later this season. But it’s still only May. Patience must be the most important word in this rebuilding process. We don’t need to see them now – at least not yet. Let Colon and Dickey and Garcia get as many innings as possible in Atlanta, while those kids develop a little while longer.

And if it means we must watch more bad games like Colon had this past Tuesday, who cares.

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