Avoiding “Text Neck”

(NBC NEWS) The increased use of technology is causing an increase in cases of a painful condition that’s being called “text neck.”

Doctors at Cleveland University Kansas City Health Center in Overland Park, Kansas say the neck pain is caused by improper posture when people are using their cell phones and computers.

“Your head weighs about 10 pounds,” explains Dr. Mark Pfefer. “When you tilt it at a 40-degree angle or a 60-degree angle, it can increase the weight of the head to as much as 60 pounds which is like putting three 20-pound bowling balls on your neck,” he added.

The increased pressure on the spine, can cause extreme neck pain, back pain and headaches.

“It is easily treatable. We advise patients on the correct way to hold their devices. We also do a series of adjustments and we also give patients a series of exercises to improve their posture,” says Dr. Pfefer.

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