Average price of gasoline dropping in U.S.

The average price of gasoline in the U.S. has dropped six cents over the past two weeks to $2.16 a gallon.

The Lundberg survey says the price of gas has dropped 21 cents since a peak June 3rd.

It’s down 55 cents from a year ago.

The Lundberg survey does expect drops to slow down as we head into Labor Day.

Disney has built a stone wall at the lake where an alligator killed a boy.

Disney told the Orlando Sentinel that the boulder wall is going up along the beaches of the Seven Seas Lagoon where several resorts are located

Disney is also putting up warning signs and ropes.

The Nasdaq hit a record high on a strong jobs report Friday.

It closed up almost 55 points to 52-21.

The S and P 500 also finished at new high as the U.S. added 255-thousand jobs in July.

The stock market is coming to your local grocery store.

Stockpile, which sells stock through gift cards, is going to roll out in about 14,000 stores by the end of the year.

It will sell shares in some of the largest U.S. companies like Apple and Google but its fees are higher than the average broker.

Finally, Subway has a new logo for the first time in 15 years.

The new logo is more minimalist. The signature arrows on the “s” and “y,” however, will remain.

Subway calls the new logo the “next step” in the sandwich chain’s evolution, following the addition of more premium menu items.

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