Atlanta chef prepares Thanksgiving meal for needy in Macon

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – An Atlanta chef who competed in Hell’s Kitchen, a popular cooking show, prepared a Thanksgiving feast in Macon Thursday, but she wasn’t feeding the the typical crowd she serves at Suwanee Park Tavern.

“It’s about Thanksgiving not thanks-getting,” said Chef T.

She traveled to Macon Thursday to make sure those in need got full bellies.

“They have people that still care about them that are willing to give up their time and come out and give back to them,” explained Chef T.

Loaves and Fishes and the Jack and Jill Foundation are responsible for bringing Chef T to Macon.

“Once I came down to Macon, I just had this itch. I have to come back, I have to do something. I started to come down on Monday and I was like, that’s not enough,” said Chef T.

Chef T said she started to feel this strong urge to give back as she got older.

“I used to be a selfish person and now I’m like, I can’t be that way anymore. There’s so many more people that are dealing with situations that are worse than what I’m dealing with,” said Chef T.

Eight hours of preparing food gave her time to reflect.

“I’m knocking my head against the wall because I have payroll, inventory… I have a job. A lot of these people don’t have that opportunity,” explained Chef T.

Food vendors Chef T works with donated all the food she cooked.

“They felt my passion and they wanted to help me because of that and I think this platform that I’ve been given, why not use it for good,” said Chef T.

Even though it’s not her typical crowd, she wouldn’t spend her Thanksgiving any other way.

“It’s an honor that these people want to rub elbows with me, actually,” said Chef T.

Even after the dishes are cleaned and put away, Chef T’s work isn’t done.

“Feeding them today is not going to kill or address the homeless situation, the poverty situation. It’s going to take more initiatives. I’m committed to working with Loaves and Fishes to continue that work,” said Chef T.

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