Ask Angi: Relationship Renovations

Making decisions with your significant other can be challenging, especially when it comes to the home. Sometimes couples can’t decide on what they want in a particular room, how they want the yard to look or even what color the walls should be. All of this can lead to frustration and anger when that shouldn’t be the case! Renovating the home is supposed to be fun and a great way for family and friends to get closer.

“Handling a home project on your own can be stressful enough, but add in different styles and priorities from other family members or friends, and it can be even more stressful,” said Bailey Carson, home care expert from Angi. “The first step is to align on priorities. Then do your research and understand what’s involved, including getting multiple quotes from pros. Once you have all the information, you can align your priorities with all stakeholders and set a budget that you can actually stick to by considering all the different costs involved.”

When working your way through your project remember that compromise is key. Nearly three in four homeowners say they compromise on almost everything during a project so go into it mentally prepared for it. Compromise will come into play, in style, design, budgets, priorities and even who you hire to complete the project.

“In addition to compromise, communication is critical,” Said Carson “Before you start your project, make sure that you and your partner understand how each of you handles the common causes of conflict, including project control, design, finances and anxiety. Discussing all these elements in advance will help you to set expectations and have a positive experience overall.”

The best home improvement projects to work on with a partner are the bedroom, kitchen and living room. If you can start small then it’ll be easier to learn how each other work on smaller projects before tackling larger and more expensive ones.

“Taking care of your home is a necessary part of homeownership, but if you’re not the only one living in your home, expect that others are going to have an opinion on it. Try to take projects and divide up responsibilities so that everyone can feel involved in the process.” Said Carson

The parts of home care that people tend to dislike most, dealing with the office, yard or landscaping can especially lead to conflict so consider leaving some of these less glamorous task to the pros. Outsource some of the less fun tasks to the experts so you and your family can focus on the more fun parts of the project.

“Even though certain projects can be less costly to do them yourself, think about whether you’ll really enjoy it and have the time. Particularly if you lack the time, the tools, or the talent to get it done right in the first place, it may be more trouble than it’s worth, and you should leave it to a pro. It can also help you avoid disagreements with your family, as well as any unnecessary risks or mistakes.” said Carson

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