Ask Angi: Pest Patrol

Pests and rodents are unwelcome visitors to our homes, but they’re also stubborn and can be hard to get rid of. Bailey Carson, Head of Everyday Services at Angi and a home care expert, is here to offer tips on how to prevent and rid your home of pests and rodents, from tiny bugs to bigger critters.

There are lots of ways for unwanted critters to get into your home but, fortunately, there are a few easy fixes to help keep them out. If your garage seems to be a target for any rodents, check the garage door for any gaps in the liner or between the door and the walls. Those can be easy entrances for smaller critters. Seal them or, if need be, consider a garage door replacement. Also be sure to take the trash out regularly and clean the bins every so often to keep odors down and critters out.

If you’re dealing with roaches, your options range from a $10 bug bomb to a $15,000 severe fumigation job with tenting of a large home. If you deal with the issue before it gets too bad, you should be able to knock out the roaches in one or two professional exterminator treatments, costing an average of $300.

If rats have already made their way into your home, consider non-lethal traps to catch them. With a yummy snack, like peanut butter or cheese, these traps lure the rats inside before trapping them inside. Wear thick gloves to pick up the traps and release the rats far from your home – or anyone else’s.

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