Artificial intelligence could change the way we shop

Artificial intelligence can change the way we shop.

Macy’s has teamed up with IBM Watson to use artificial intelligence as a customer service tool in 10 of its stores.

Called “Macy’s On Call” it will allow customers to type in questions on their phones and receive answers.

The department store imagines shoppers will use it to ask things like “where can i find women’s dresses?” or “where is the restroom?”

And the US Navy is facing a 600 million dollar lawsuit for software piracy.

As Torrentfreak first spotted, a German company has filed a lawsuit against the Navy — the entire U.S. Navy — for allegedly installing their software on over a half million computers without paying for it.

The company, Bitmanagement, makes a 3D virtual reality program called BS CONTACT GEO.

Some Sports Authority stores will close earlier than expected because people actually bought things at liquidiation prices.

One manager said they did over a million dollars of sales in June compared to 4 point 7 million for the entire year last year.

There are still some Sports Authority stores open and holding liquidation sales.

United is joining American and Delta is speeding up TSA security lines.

The new lanes enable up to five customers to fill their individual bins simultaneously and move through the screening process quickly. The lanes also utilize a parallel conveyor system that automatically returns empty bins to the front of the queue.

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