Apple extolling the virtues of mobile apps

Expect to hear a lot more from Apple about the virtues of mobile apps in the coming months.

They’re just about the only part of Apple’s business that’s growing right now.

iPhone sales were down for the second quarter in a row. Apple also sold fewer iPad units, Mac computers and Apple Watches in the last quarter.

The biggest bright spot in the company’s report was a 19 percent sales jump for the segment that includes iTunes, Apple music, the app store and services like Apple Pay and iCloud storage.

Kohl’s department stores will begin carrying the Under Armour line of athletic and fitness apparel.

Kohl’s loves this because it’s a hot brand and Under Armour sees the move as helping it reach the masses.

Kohl’s is expanding its fitness and wellness area to make way for the new items.

Stocks closed mixed Tuesday.

The Dow closed down 19 points.

Restaurants had a terrible day, McDonald’s had its worst day since 2009 on slowing sales.

More Americans are packing their lunches.

That’s hurting McDonald’s sales.

It also says people are making more dinners at home.

Another thing that’s happening, more people are ordering pizza delivery as they have seen a surge in business.

And new home sales in the U.S. are now at an 8 year high.

A solid job market and low mortgage rates are helping.

The median sales price of a home in the U.S. is 306-thousand dollars.

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