Apple expected to reveal new iPhone

Apple is holding its annual launch event where the new iPhone 7 is expected to be revealed.

The device comes just as rival Samsung has recalled its flagship Note 7 over battery issues.

Consumers will have to wait a few weeks before they are shipped. Pre-orders are expected to open on Friday.

We just came off a 3 day weekend for many American workers.

Some say every week should be like that.

Some psychologists say workers would be more productive.

Their lab studies, reported in Business Insider, say people can commit themselves to only four or five hours of concentrated work at a time before they stop getting things done. Past the peak performance level, output tends to flatline, or sometimes even suffer.

Stocks closed in positive territory Tuesday and the NASDAQ hit a record-closing high.

It closed up a half percent to 52-75, breaking the last closing high, which was set on August 15th.

Tens of thousands of ITT students are in limbo as the school shuts down completely.

The for-profit college has closed, accusing the federal government of unfairly stripping it of eligibility for student aid.

The minivan is back and it’s kinda cool.

Bloomberg reports minivan sales in the U.S. are up 21 percent so far this year, outmatching every class of vehicle except the midsize pickup.

They include two 10 inch screens for passengers to watch videos.

Also the doors can be opened with the wave of a foot-for when you’re loaded down with groceries.

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