Animal Welfare Director candidate Vandewalker receives support from animal advocacy group

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – You may have heard them already–Central Georgia Cares, an animal advocacy group, is running radio spots in support of a candidate for Animal Welfare Director in Macon-Bibb.
Wednesday evening, the Mayor is expected to announce his appointee, and the Commissioners will vote.

“We’re a high-kill facility right now, we think there’s a better way,” said Commissioner Mallory Jones.

And for Macon-Bibb Commissioner Mallory Jones, it starts with Van Vandewalker.

“We think we should be a low-kill facility. We believe in spay and neuter programs, we believe in strong partnerships with the animal rescue groups who can save and adopt over 1,000 animals a year coming out of the shelter,” said Jones.

Jones is a big supporter of Central Georgia Cares, which has produced a radio spot supporting Vandewalker for Animal Welfare Director.

“We have a different vision for our animals and the new shelter. We believe our shelter should be a low-kill facility,” the radio spot says.

“We feel like it’s a good marketing tool. I’m a big supporter of Central Georgia Cares, have been for four years. We felt like it’s a good way to reach the people,” said Jones.

Jones said he’s going to use a large piece of paper to promote Vandewalker all day Wednesday before the big vote here at City Hall Wednesday night.

It’s got the email addresses of the two commissioners who voted against Vandewalker last time as well as the Mayor’s email.

It’s all in hopes that you’ll send them an email supporting Vandewalker to change their votes this time.

“There are a lot of people out there who are not involved, but we feel like if they know the issue then they’ll come on board,” said Jones.

He says it’s a waste of money to euthanize animals after giving them care.

“We’re paying a vet every month to service these animals at animal control. Macon-Bibb does that,” said Jones. “Always done that. So we’re housing them, we’re feeding them, we’re vetting them and then we’re euthanizing them. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Now, he says, it’s up to the Mayor and other commissioners.

“I hope the mayor will reappoint Van VanDewalker tomorrow,” said Jones. “And I hope other commissioners like commissioner Bechtel and commissioner Shepard will get on the right side of this issue.”

41NBC gave another candidate for animal welfare director Sarah Tenon a call today, and she was unavailable.

Tenon is the current director for Macon-Bibb.

41NBC did get in touch with Vandewalker, and though he declined to speak on camera, he did say he hoped the commissioners listen to their constituents on this vote.

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