Angie’s List: Outdoor home trends

With today’s new design and home automation trends, the typical backyard barbeque can easily become an outdoor extravaganza.

Angie Hicks — Angie’s List founder — said, “Many homeowners see their backyard as an extension of their home so they’re adding features like outdoor kitchens, firepits, and even unique lighting.”

Angie says entertaining at your home can be a lot of hard work. Not only does outdoor home automation bring more fun to the party, but it also takes care of some of the hassles.

Tim Wilburn with TRIPhase Technologies said, “Being outside, entertaining with your family, in the past was: go inside, set your music up, queue your music, set the ambiance and the lighting, and now everything is on the fly.”

Wilburn says the sky’s the limit when it comes to outdoor home automation.

“We do so many things from outdoor televisions to the outdoor music that we’ve always done, but now, with the home automation platform we’re doing things like automating the swimming pool to be able to tell, you know, if it’s a football party to make the water a different color,” Wilburn said.

If entertaining is not your style outdoor home automation can simply help you wind down from a long day. 

“You come home and you just want to relax, you want to go outside and enjoy a drink or a glass of wine, having a button that says “relax,’” Wilburn said. “So, when you press the button, it turns on the music to appease that volume level, maybe it turns a waterfall on, it turns the ambiance outside to a certain flavor.”

Angie says to think about value, not just price for the quality and long-term dependability. Also consider hiring a professional to take care of the installation to ensure everything is in working order and is integrated on one, easy-to-use control system.

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