Angie’s List: Finding the right lawn care professional

People used to cut their own grass, however many don’t have the time. Angie Hicks — Angie’s List founder — says consumers are turning to outsources. 

“[This is] because of how busy families are, in particular, kids – they’re involved in so many more activities, that unfortunately, the lawn sometimes gets ignored,” Hicks said.

Some people are too busy to keep their yard looking nice. Others, like Tammy Futa, want an expert in charge.

“It’s hard to take care of a lawn, even though it’s not a huge yard, it’s a lot of work and time to maintain and to understand what’s going on with your lawn and what it needs,” Hicks said.

Finding the right lawn care professional

Matt Colwell with Colwell Lawn and Landscaping tested the Futas’ soil and developed a detailed plan for mowing and fertilization.

“A lot of times we can apply an application for less than what it would cost you to go down and buy the product and the equipment to do so,” Colwell said. 

Consumers can get on-site quotes from three different providers and ask if additional services are included.  Also, ask if the same person will come to each visit.

“It’s very important to have the same technician on your lawn each time,” Colwell said. “They know your expectations, they know what you’re expecting. They know the property – high spots, low spots where there may be some troubled areas.”

Full-service lawn care costs around $35 to $50 per visit.  Angie says to check references to find a company you can trust. Also, request a detailed invoice after each appointment.

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