Angie’s List: Escorting Animals Out

It happens all the time: a mouse, a bat or some other unwanted creature finds its way into your home and starts making itself at home. You need to act quickly, but getting the animal out is only part of the job.


Tips for hiring an animal removal expert:
· Full service vs. basics: Some companies focus only on removing animals and don’t do any repair or prevention work. Know what services you want before you call so you don’t waste time.
· Methodology: Some companies offer humane trapping and relocation vs. more lethal means of removing animals. Some offer alternatives to poisons. Know what you want before you call.
· Size matters: Some companies focus on small animals while others handle only with those squirrel-sized or larger. Companies focusing on bugs and rodents might not deal with wild animals at all. Be sure you know what services your prospective critter catcher offers.
· Pricing: You may see one animal but there may be many more in your home. Be clear about how the company you use charges. Most charge by the number of large animals, although some will count babies as one adult.
· Dead or alive: Animal removal companies will often remove carcasses that local governmental agencies, usually called Animal Control, will not. This may involve having to get into crawl spaces, attics, or break through walls, so be prepared for additional costs depending on how difficult it is to reach the critter.
No matter who you hire, be sure to ask about licensing, training and experience and get everything in writing. A good contract for any home project can give you a better chance at satisfaction in the short run and the long term.

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