Angie’s List: Dining room repurposing ideas

Fewer and fewer households have dining rooms. Homeowners are using this space for other purposes.

In this episode of Angie’s List Report, Shelby Coates talks about the different uses for dining room space.

Coates says only 23 percent of families spend time gathered around the dinner table. Only 7 percent still have dining room furniture in the room and rarely even go in there, according to a new Angie’s List survey.

Randy Sorrell, the founder of a remodeling company called Surroundings, says formal dining rooms seem to be disappearing.

“Kitchen tables are still around, but dining rooms are becoming studios,” Sorrell said. “It’s an office, it’s a work-out room, it’s anything but a dining room.”

62 percent of survey respondents say they still have dinner with the family almost every night. Angie Hicks is one of them.

“We’re a family that eats right in the kitchen, so our dining room goes unused,” Hicks said.

“When our kids were younger, we used it for homework and now we only go in there to change the thermostat.”

“Dining room” repurposing ideas

  • office or homework space
  • an unorganized storage area
  • space for the dog
  • Yoga space
  • reading room

Coates says Hicks cautions against reconstructing the dining room without a plan and professional help. Angie says taking down walls can create structural issues if they’re load-bearing.

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