Amid COVID-19 crisis, Middle Georgia counties could face revenue drop

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — As many businesses remain closed, the COVID-19 pandemic could cause a downfall in funding for surrounding counties.

Elected officials within Middle Georgia are expecting a decrease in revenue.

“COVID-19 has affected our business in a couple of ways,” Wayne Woodard, the co-owner of Ambitious Graphics said.

Woodard discussed how the pandemic is causing changes.

“Obviously it’s social-distancing, people aren’t coming to pick up shirts or are not putting in orders because you have to stay home,” Woodard said. “Also with events like family reunions, different church events, and more have affected us.”

He says his company would normally be packed with orders right now.

“We would normally be at our busiest time of the year right now between March, April, May, June, and July. These are usually our busiest time of the year.”

Although some businesses’ doors are back open like Ambitious Graphics, sales are slow, which may affect the economy.

“We were actually expected to exceed what we did last year. But of course, with this going on, it messed up everything,” Woodard said.

Perry Mayor Randall Walker says the biggest impact the city may see is in tourism.

“The fairgrounds are closed, our hotels are underutilized, and we have the hotel-motel tax here that funds many of our tourism activities in the city,” Woodard said.

For long term changes, Walker says it’s difficult to determine how long the virus will last and what effect it may have on businesses.

“There’s been a continuing discussion with the city manager and the council,” Woodard said. “They have been very diligent in looking at our revenue streams.”

As city officials analyze those revenue streams, they will continue to project what may come in the future.

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