Amazon deals are already here

The holiday season has begun at Amazon.

The online shopping service on Tuesday launched its Black Friday deals site, featuring sales on clothing, electronics, toys and other products. The site will feature new deals every day, sometimes as often as every five minutes, until December 22.

Some deals already available, include $20 off an Amazon Kindle E-reader and up to 70 percent off some coats and jackets.

It seems like common sense, don’t leave your car unlocked with the keys or electronic fob inside.

Yet it still happens.

The National Crime Insurance Bureau says at least one in eight vehicle thefts happen when someone takes advantage of keys left in a car.

Stop leaving your keys in unlocked cars.

Stocks ended at a nearly 4 month low as the election race tightens.

The Dow slid 105 points.

The federal reserve wraps up a 2 day meeting where no interest rate hike is expected.

Shoplifters can do a lot of damage to store’s bottom line over the holiday season.

According to checkpoint systems, the most stolen items are electronics accessories, like cell phone cases.

Leather clothing is second.

Also in the top ten children’s toys.

Starbucks has unveiled the unity cup.

The cup is meant to be a symbol of healing for a nation dealing with a divisive election.

The green cup features a mosaic of more than a hundred people including a coffee farmer and barista.

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