Al Burruss State prison escapee caught in North Carolina

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC) – A man who has been on the run for nearly a week from police after breaking out of a state prison has been caught in North Carolina.

Eric Coe led several law enforcement agencies on a two day manhunt when he escaped from the Al Burruss State Prison in Forsyth last Wednesday.

On Tuesday around 11:30 a.m. North Carolina State Trooper Sam Corn pulled Coe over during a traffic stop in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Coe was driving a 2008 Ford Ranger pick-up truck and was not wearing a seat belt, according to Trooper Corn.

Trooper Thayer Forsht arrived on the scene shortly afterwards.

Corn said the 21-year-old gave a false name of John Lim Barker and a fake date of birth of Jan. 6, 1994.
Coe told the troopers he was going to see his mother. He also told them he was running out of gas and only had $5.

The troopers ran the pick up truck’s tag and learned it was stolen from Georgia and continued questioning Coe.

“It was not an easy process,” said Forsht. “He couldn’t provide any phone numbers of someone to confirm his identity. I felt like it was more to the story.”

The escapee broke down and confessed the truth,” says Corn.

“He told us that he did know the car was stolen and that he had stolen it,” explained Corn. “He also advised us his real name was Eric John Kenneth Coe. He advised us that he had escaped from some type of boot camp program in Georgia.”

Coe was alone in a stolen Ford Ranger pick-up truck when he was arrested.

Forsht has been a North Carolina trooper for more than 20 years. Corn has been a state trooper for less than a year.

Both say they are very satisfied to know they arrested a fugitive.

“It makes me feel very good that we caught him,” says Corn. “We not only helped the citizens here in our community, but we also helped citizens in Georgia to rest a little easier to know that he’s in custody.”

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