Airlines likely to suffer more outages

In just the past two weeks, two major airlines have suffered massive technical glitches, bringing their operations to a standstill.

But a new report suggests that even more devastating glitches are likely to happen thanks in part to an aging U.S. airline reservation system technology. 

Reuters reports that security experts warn that glitches like that suffered by Delta Airlines this week, and Southwest Airlines last week, are inevitable unless carriers spend the money to upgrade their systems.

According to a new patent awarded to Apple—the next iPhone might be waterproof. The patent, granted this week and first uncovered by Patently Apple, outlines a system for color-balancing photos shot underwater.

Presumably if Apple is working on technology to make sure photos taken underwater come out looking good, the company would also be ensuring that the phones themselves are waterproof.

Stocks mostly slipped on Friday after hitting record highs.

But even with that, the Dow and S and P 500 ended the week where they started.

The Nasdaq ended the day at the 4th record high this year.

General Motors isn’t commenting on a report that it wants to buy Lyft.

The Information, a Silicon Valley website, is reporting that Lyft turned down an offer from GM, who already owns 9 percent of the company.

Lyft has been looking at its options as it’s a distant second to ride sharing leader Uber.

A pricey and older sedan has won a dubious distinction: the Lexus ES 300 is the vehicle that garners the most tickets in the U.S.

That’s according to

If a particular model racks up too many tickets, it becomes more expensive to insure.

The Buick Encore got the least number of tickets.

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