Accused killer of Jmaal Keyes pleads guilty

HAWKINSVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Robert Rolison,19, plead guilty for one count of malice murder after he killed former Middle Georgia State College student, Jmaal Keyes.

Chief Judge H. Federick Mullis Jr. heard two counts Monday morning in the State of Georgia vs Robert Rolison case. One count for malice murder, and another for concealing the death of Keyes on April 25, 2013.

The concealing death count was dismissed and Judge Mullis sentenced Rolison to life in prison with a possibility of parole after serving thirty years.

District attorney Tim Vaughn says the plea hearing offers relief for both families involved.

“The effort here was to get an appropriate punishment for him, as well as try to get some details as to what happened to the Keyes family to hopefully give them some closure, [which] may not be the right term, but at least some explanation of what went on.”

Family and friends of both Rolison and Keyes were present.

Javon Keyes, 25, says he’ll remember his brother as a loving individual who always wanted to be around him. 

“It’s hard,” Keyes says, “We’re still trying to process everything as far as the details. We had no knowledge of what exactly happened, but it’s something that we’re still trying to process.”

Rolison wrote a letter to the court explaining how he stabbed, burned, dismembered and buried Keyes.

“What he told us was that he had viewed people to be computers, controlled by someone else and he woke up that morning and decided to kill somebody,” Vaughn says, “Jmaal happened to be the unfortunate one that it happened to.”

The letter and Vaughn also reveals Rolison had various drug habits.

“In his statement to us, [he] indicated that he’d been using LSD, molly and various other medications that somewhat may have skewed his thought process for lack of better description.”

Keyes’ mother, Veronica Keyes, emotionally took the podium to tell the story of her son in front of the judge.

Toward the end of the hearing Rolison states, “I’m sorry for all of the pain and suffering.”

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