6-year-old boy protest against YouTube political ads

COCHRAN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – All 6-year-old Mace Lee wants to do is watch Minecraft videos on YouTube, but he says political ads are interfering with his videos. He says he wanted them to stop.

“I come home and he had just constructed this sign,” Mace’s dad, Steven Lee said.

Mace wanted to protest.

Mercer University Political Science Department Chair Dr. Chris Grant says some candidates are spending five times the amount of money candidates spent in 2016.

“We’ve never seen the number of paid positions that are going on with the campaigns they’re all over, and they have so much money they quite frankly do not know how to spend it all,” Dr. Grant said.

He says micro-targeting is a recent trend in political campaigns, and campaigns will use any platform available to reach its specific audience. He also says targeting games becomes more advantageous for someone, especially if they are looking to gain young Americans’ votes.

Mace is just a victim of circumstances, and that’s why he’s been protesting in Cochran. He wants to make a statement. Mace says he wants the ad-makers to go to jail.

Mace’s father says he personally isn’t into politics, but he has an idea where his son got the idea.

“He speaks a lot about a show called ‘Unspeakable,’ and I think maybe on that program they introduce young people to a wide variety of things to include the First Amendment,” Lee said.

We asked Mace when he plans to stop protesting. He says, “never.”

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