41NBC Cosby Impression Contest Entry – Rhonda Wade

This is Rhonda Wade’s entry for the 41NBC Cosby Impression Contest! She is doing an impression of Bill Cosby, telling everyone about her favorite show – Fat Albert! Be sure to like this page in order to vote for Rhonda’s entry, and share it on your own Facebook page. Be sure to tell folks to come back to the link and like it! Every Like is a vote for Benjamin and increases his chance to win two FREE tickets in the first five rows to Bill Cosby’s Comedy Central “Far From Finished” Tour at the Macon City Auditorium and a FREE Bill Cosby autographed book – Bill Cosby – I didn’t ask to be born, but I’m glad I was.

Think you can do better? Record a video of yourself performing a Bill Cosby impersonation and submit it on our Cosby Impression Contest Page! We look forward to your entry! In the meantime, good luck to Rhonda!

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