29 tickets issued in Bibb County since Hands-Free Law took effect

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Since the hands-free law went into effect in July, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office has ended its grace period and issued more than 2 dozen tickets.

“From July 1 to the present, we’ve had roughly 29 cases either pending or have been adjudicated in our Bibb County Municipal Court,” said Lt. Scott Davis with the BCSO’s Traffic Safety Division.

That’s how many drivers in Macon-Bibb have had to pay the fine since the grace period ended August 1st.

“We’re looking for it and if we see it we’re going to address it,” he continued.

Resident Keith Bostick says he thinks Georgia going ‘hands free’ is for the best.

“I just view it as added safety. I think there was a great number of accidents and injuries that were caused because of people’s pre-occupation with the phones,” he told 41NBC.

Meanwhile, Macon resident Reginald Mills disagrees.

“Its another reason for cops to get into our business, pull us over unnecessarily, and it just gives them another reason to target people, so to speak.”

Lt. Scott Davis with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Division says since it’s been in effect, deputies on patrol have been seeing less people on their phones.

“A vast majority of people/drivers are obeying the law,” he said.

But he’s had a slightly different observation while he’s not on the job.

“In my personal vehicle, I see the violations often. When I’m in a patrol car, or when these guys, these deputies, are in a marked patrol car, they’re not seeing it as frequently.”

Like it or not, the law is now in place and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is fully enforcing it.

“Our message, the Sheriff’s Office message would be to obey that law because the distraction can be dangerous,” Lt. Davis warned.

He says with Labor Day Weekend coming up, they will continue to issue tickets if they see a violation.

Bibb County was one of several agencies that only issued warning during the month of July to give people a little time to get used tot he change. Milledgeville Police also gave out warnings.

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