U.S. Attorney: ‘Operation Shockwave’ arrests 46 people

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/ WMGT) – Dozens of people are behind bars after federal, state and local law enforcement collaborated for ‘Operation Shockwave’ in an effort to keep Macon safe. Among one of those arrested was 18-year-old Dakwaun Faulks, who, 41NBC News reported, was killed Sunday night after being shot in the back.

Faulks, arrested Thursday for aggravated assault, was released on bail Saturday.

It’s an operation that ended with 46 people in jail. And all of the arrests happened in just a span of two days.

“We need to take the bad people off the street,” Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said. “Under the U.S Attorney, Charlie Peeler’s leadership and collaboration we were able to get the federal people together and that’s something that is sort of unprecedented.”

According to Davis, they arrested people with outstanding warrants.

“Think about what we did in two days and so this is not the end. This is really the beginning and there will be other sweeps like this in the weeks and months to come,” Davis said.

The focus wasn’t just one neighborhood, Peeler says it was all over Macon. The operation happened last Thursday and Friday.

“We are able to get violent individuals, trigger – pullers, out of the neighborhoods because we have all seen it, if you can identify and remove from the neighborhood one or two or three bad actors, the real thorns on the side of a community, it can really turn a community,” Peeler said.

18-year-old Dakwaun Faulks, one of those arrested and that was killed Sunday, police say the two incidents are not related.

Peeler says during the operation they seized eight guns and multiple pounds of Ecstasy.

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